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ACT Prep Course


This ACT preparation course is geared to help scholars in grades 9-12! Our ACT course is offered in a four part series. Each part is about an hour long once per week. We offer multiple days and times that this course can be taken at our center. Pre-registration is required as we limit only 6 students per course. 

Our course offers a comprehensive overview of the entire ACT test. Our first part is designed to learn about the structure of the test, how scoring and timing works, and how the test is laid out. We then progress to how, when, and what to study in order to excel, tips and tricks for test taking, overcoming test anxiety, and more. Our final parts cover each of the academic topics within the test. Scholars will be exposed to actual practice questions to familiarize them with the contents of the test. Scholars will take a shortened practice test so they receive hands on experience with the timing process and to apply the theory taught in our course to actual test taking.

Our course is taught by a certified teacher with in-depth knowledge of helping scholars prepare for the ACT and other tests. 

If your scholar has already scheduled or has previously taken the exam or are maybe a couple of years from taking it, this is where ACT prep starts! For many colleges and universities, the ACT score can be the deciding factor on enrollment. Every few years colleges and universities raise the expectation and score requirements for enrollment. Additionally a higher ACT score can open up many more scholarship opportunities. Don't wait, call us today!


Scholar Factory also offers one-on-one packages of tutoring sessions that are focused on specific areas of the ACT test, such as the math or reading sections. This is an intensive approach to help scholars improve in the areas they need the most. Scholars should be prepared to learn as these sessions are highly engaging. Call us today!


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Included in this course is a nationally recognized ACT Test Preparation book. 

Spring/Summer 2018 courses are now pre-registering. Please call our center at (502) 231-4558 for pricing and enrollment.
Space is limited!