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We are so excited youʼve decided to join the Scholar Factory, LLC family! We know there are a lot of options when it comes to learning and study services, or tutoring, and we feel certain youʼve made the best decision. Our services go far beyond “a little extra help with school work.” Youʼll find that we offer something for every student, even those that are already at or above grade level. More importantly, we have the experience and skills needed to supplement what your child is learning every day. Our instruction follows the common core standards. Thatʼs what every school and teacher must teach. We donʼt have our own made-up system that “compliments” the common core. We instruct just the way your child is learning in school, but because weʼre working closely with your child they are able to learn better, quicker, and more accurately. This means we can focus on where the help is needed most and grow from there. We donʼt want any unpleasant surprises and we always want to be transparent in our business. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. Thereʼs a few things youʼll want to know right away. We will refer to your child as a “scholar”. A scholar is a distinguished learner, thatʼs your child! We donʼt really like the word tutor or tutoring. So, our tutors are “Certified Instructors” or “Learning Agents” and we will use terms like learning, education, studies, etc. Our building or store front, will be referred to as a“center”. Again, welcome! Weʼre so glad youʼre here. Letʼs get started!

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