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Dear Fellow Parents, 

Our oldest child Caleb had been bounced around from school to school since Kindergarten, we knew he could read really well but he struggled in some areas. By the time we had made it to 3rd grade at a “traditional school,” we hoped we had found home. What we really found was that by the end of the first grading cycle Caleb was handed a report card with literally all F’s. Failing…..


In comes Mrs. Tiffany Covington, Scholar Factory’s Center Director. We had sought out the fastest way we felt we could help Caleb and we were so delighted with her instantly.  Not just her qualifications, because she is very well qualified, but also because she was super organized and had a plan prepared for Caleb before she even sat down to meet us. She had done her research based on our phone conversation.  We met with Tiffany and she instantly put Caleb at ease. You can tell, and she will tell you, why she loves to help people learn. It comes from her heart and you can see that she cares about her families and puts her all into helping you get to your goal.

We met with Tiffany in February of 2015 and set some hefty goals for getting Caleb out of a failing grade situation and up to grade level.  She helped us on so many levels of learning and recognizing learning challenges. She helped Caleb to break down barriers and get focused on what was important.  By the end of the following grading period, Caleb not only brought his grades up, but had the confidence that he needed to change the bad patterns and pick up the new. As well as keep the grades up all year long. 


By the end of the school year he was above grade level in all of his classes and had the confidence to take the next year on.  We still tutor with Tiffany, but she is now working with both of our boys. She helps to keep them on track so that school work is understandable and helps us all to grasp what ever it is that the boys are learning. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Tiffany, I would recommend her to anyone who is in need, frustrated with school work that your children bring home, or just need a boost over the summer. She is wonderful to work with, loves what she does, and you will not be disappointed in choosing to work with her.  



The Brown Family

Laura, James, Caleb and Joshua