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Our Story

Scholar Factory, LLC was born from an idea and conversation between Tiffany

and Trevor Covington. Tiffany, our Center Director, is a certified teacher who

taught in the Jefferson County Public School system for over 9 years. She holds

multiple advanced degrees and certifications in various ranges of education.

Tiffany designs, develops, and approves the curriculum used in our center. She

runs the hands-on daily operations and works one-on-one with our scholars and

parents. Trevor, our Business Director, has a background in business &

insurance and handles the ins and outs our centerʼs business affairs and



Scholar Factory, LLC is a small but growing business in the vastly complex world

of education. The days of simply going to school and doing your work are long

over. Todayʼs complicated world of rapidly changing technology, science, and

media has paved the road to a new need of highly involved people. As a result,

education, skills, and marketability are key components to success in life. Schools

have become very competitive, even at the lower grade levels. The demand put on

students and parents is great and often times parents find it overwhelming to

tread that water. Thatʼs where we come in! Our services go beyond the neighbor

kid who tutors kids for $10 an hour. We have the knowledge and skills to truly

make a scholar!


Scholar Factory, LLC is a Kentucky state and federally registered business. We offer educational support services for grades Pre-K-12 (and beyond). We are happy to help scholars with special needs.

May 19, 2018

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