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Summer Slide

May 19, 2018

Have you heard of summer slide? No, we don’t mean the shiny playground equipment! We are talking about learning loss that scholars experience during the summer months. Scholars will often lose a month’s worth of learning, some lose up to two and a half months of learning, over the summer! I bet that got your attention didn’t it? Summer learning loss is no laughing matter! Even kiddos that are on or above grade level can suffer the ill effects. And, what’s worse is that the kiddos that are already behind will likely take a harder hit. 



Trying to nail down summer plans as we approach the finish line for the school year? Please keep in mind that summer is THE best time of year to help a struggling scholar “catch up” on learning. And, it is also when they are at the highest risk of additional learning loss. Keep your scholar engaged in learning all summer long and reap the rewards next school year.


If you are looking for more info on summer learning loss peruse the articles listed below. If you need help with a plan to keep your kiddo engaged, look no farther than Scholar Factory, LLC. We will be offering one-on-one tutoring, as well as kindergarten prep, basic math facts classes, and ACT test prep all summer long.


Together we can prevent summer learning loss!



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